Beautiful Diagrams in LaTeX Without Pain

January 25, 2018


LaTeX is a fantastic tool for writing papers and creating presentations. That’s especially true when the goal is to automate things and make research easily reproducible. (You never copy-paste your regression tables, right?)


However, while LaTeX is great and easy for a million things, drawing diagrams is not one of them.


Enter LaTeXDraw. LaTeXDraw is a drawing editor for producing vector graphics that can be easily imported into LaTeX. What's more, it comes with an easy-to-use graphical user interface. That means no more endless recompiling of LaTeX code when trying to align those arrows with that rectangle. With LaTeXDraw, it becomes a matter of a few clicks. And once you are happy with your creation, the result can be exported to PDF or PSTricks. (Importing PSTricks code into your LaTeX document will also ensure consistency of fonts.)


Let me give you an example. I usually use Beamer to create presentations. Often, I present theoretical models. You would not guess it, but people fall asleep very quickly when they see math! For that reason, nowadays I present the full structure of the model in a single slide. Diagrams are great for that.


Here is an example from a recent paper:

In a presentation, I reveal the slide by one item at a time. People fall asleep a bit less often. And with LaTeXDraw, the investment required to create these animations is minimal. Check LaTeXDraw out!


(Note: I am in no way connected to LaTeXDraW—just a happy user.)


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